That cousin we all have


My cousin’s birthday was coming and to be honest with you I don’t even like the guy but, unfortunately, we are more close than I would like us to be, meaning no scape on birthday gifts… Do you have someone close that you don’t like but have to buy gifts anyway? I think we all do…

Anyway, so the guy is 35 years old, single – how not? He spends the day in front of an electronic device, is any mature woman having it?

I swear to you, the guy smells like spoiled milk, from the front of his pants, and rotten shit, from the back! Which makes me wonder how many times a day does he masturbate and if he is using diapers so to not waste time using the toilet because… He is always so busy drawing manga or playing his stupid games!

Anyway, my girlfriend feels really sorry for him because even his friends are like him. Can you imagine a 50 years old guy still playing dolls? Yep, those manga guys have a huge mental problem. Can you believe that they fall in love with the characters and get offended if you don’t understand? Masturbating to an anime character? Yep! I caught my cousin in the act! And I can tell you the view for that underwear was not pretty… The things we have to see in this life!

But let me tell you, he is such a lucky bastard! Just as I was struggling to find him something my phone notified me of a new email. Guess what? It was from that online shop where I love to buy, they had a Graphic Drawing Tablet Battery-free stylus on sale!

I didn’t think anymore and bought it in that second. Done. No more struggles.  And the cousin that smells like spoiled shit was out of my mind!


Beautiful Gift

download (5)

We all live at least 50% of our lives online, and today we all have the opportunity to have a blog, right? Why not?  

As I was talking with a friend I told him that I could never have a blog because I have nothing worth sharing… And then the challenge came…

So here I am, a simple guy that loves the small luxuries of life. Whose English is not even my first language let alone knowing anything about writing! In this moment I am biting my own ass for not paying more attention to the English classes when I had the opportunity! 

Right, so here is the deal; don’t expect anything from this blog as I do not expect anyone to read it, I am just having fun and taking in the challenge… Easy peasy! I’ve already won. And no, there is no prize other than challenging myself and proving my friend wrong, of course!

As I said before, I have nothing worth saying. For that reason, I am going to make an experiment: I am going to share with you some of my best shopping items.

Like, the sexy bra that you see in the picture was a gift that I’ve brought to my girlfriend. Tried, tested and loved… By both of us!

No, I have no affiliation to the shop where I bought it. I just happen to have had an amazing experience with every single transaction I had with them. And because I love them already as a fave I am now sharing the love.

If you see me sharing their stuff everywhere is just out of an amazing shop experience. Yes, get ready because I have more to share from those guys, they are that good!

Here is the link to that gorgeous and sexy bra.

Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB 2.5 inch Solid State Drive – Black

This is the post excerpt.


To perform the art of transformation all I needed was to replace my old HDD with this SSD drive. Now my old laptop flies.

I like quality and throwing away my awesome and loyal partner was not an option.  

What an insane performance going from several minutes to load my computer to a couple seconds! No more turning the laptop on, going for a cup of coffee and come back praying that I wouldn’t have to wait just a little more… Nop, the agony of waiting is over!

I went for the 1TB option, because… Why not?

Oh, and I also got the Precision Torx Set to make sure nothing was in the way of the delicate surgery. I almost looked like a professional who knew what I was doing!

Need to get in the fast lane? Check it out for yourself,  you can thank me later.


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